Halloween Kitty

Features include quilted stars, needle sculpting, and an interior base for standing. One of my more simple doll patterns, and comes with instructions to make the jack o lantern. Very cute for the season.

8.00 + 1.50

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Vintage Style Pumpkin Doll Pattern

Has clay head and cloth body, including stem stands about 13" tall. Some instructions for painting the face, along with a diagram.

9.00 + 1.50 shipping
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Primitive Pumpkin Head Makedo Pattern

Very primitive and 17 inches tall. Includes instructions to make your own, wood base. She has wool and beaded eyes, a real pumpkin stem, and she is very cute.

8.00 + 1.50 shipping

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Funky Pumpkins

Make your own size, lumpy, bumpy squash! Use natural stems or choose to make one of mine. Simple, versatile pattern for Fall!

7.00 + 1.50
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